songs of the Beautiful World 

 2013, MFA Thesis

An environment constructed within the mythological boundaries of a philosophically-informed metafiction, meant to encourage the viewer to imagine stories of their own, comprised of three separate "plots." Installation was accompanied by performance piece, "First Songs"

Sky of Candlelight

Flickering lanterns suspended above that a person can view on their own or through one of two ocular viewers, eyeball-shaped apparatuses that are lined with a multi-spectral film lens that splinters the light and dramatically skews the perspective at the same time. 

Magic Lanterns and Ocular Tripods

Cardboard analogue slide projectors on top of sculptural tripods that project a series of 7 radially-symmetrical symbolic images on the wall and over the curved surfaces of objects.

An Idea of Self (Three Things)

A deconstructed portrait of the artist's presence within the space.